California Teacher Workshop’s

Please join us for an intimate educator’s workshop hosted by the Cambodian Genocide Resource Center.

May 7th 3:30 – 5:30pm
May 28th 3:30 – 5:30pm

In the first hour, you will hear from Cambodian Genocide survivor Channy Chhi Laux. Through her storytelling, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the atrocities committed during the Cambodian Genocide and their lasting impact on survivors and their communities. Channy’s account will shed light on the importance of preserving these stories for future generations.
After a Q&A session with Channy, Dr. Alexis Herr will transition into a greater overview of the historical context of the genocide, its ethical implications, and how we can make these lessons more meaningful to our students through survivor testimony.
Participants will receive a copy of Channy’s memoir Short Hair Detention and lesson plans, all of which are aligned with the Common Core State Standards in mind. The curriculum includes firsthand testimony from Channy’s memoir and covers a range of topics related to genocide at large and the Cambodian Genocide specifically.
This workshop is free to attend thanks to the generous support of the California Teacher’s Collaborative for Holocaust and Genocide Education.

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